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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 30, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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great turmoil. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for now. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to my facebook page and like it. wait until you see what's there good night. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk. >> coming up on the show, john kerry taking heat after saying the attack on istanbul is isis's december spir ration. and the bernie sanders campaign is accused of using tiebreakers. a power hungry mad manussing a double head -- man using a double-head head coin? to the bat cave. and we can form together as one nation to look at racist psa's. back to you. >> thank you, andy.
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let's welcome our guest. her motto, when life gives you lemons, garnish her martini. the "washington post" calls him comedy's big thing. mean yen -- comedian tyler richardson. he will expand your mind without them. reason magazine editor-in-chief matt welch. and he was called the voice of his degeneration. sitting next to me, the host of the anthony kumea show. let's start the show. u.s. and turkish officials say isis is likely responsible for tuesday's terrorist attack at the istanbul airport. at least 41 killed and 150 injured. john kerry stated the obvious. itit is a sign of weakness by the radical group. not what i was thinking. the secretary of state said it was evidence that isis or dash as he refers to them is
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getting desperate. >> it has been more than one year since dash has launched a full scale military offensive and that's because our coalition is moving forward relentlessly on every front. yes you can bomb an airport and you can blow yourself up. that's the tragedy. dash and others like it foe that -- know that we have to get it together 24/7 and 365. they have to get it right for 10 minutes or one hour. so it is a very different scale. if you're desperate and know you are losing and know you want to give up your life, obviously you can do some harm. >> desperate. matt, is isis on the run, or should i say is dash on the dash? >> isn't it daeash? >> the obama administration
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like dash. >> it strikes me as very foolish to emphasize the fact and it is a fact that the islamic state is shrinking and they are somewhat on the run compared to 12 months ago and 18 months ago. that doesn't mean islamic terrorism is being lessened in this moment. orlando was not organized by dash or the mta. people can inspired and trying to impress vague affiliation of groups that have nothing to do with isis. it doesn't make us feel safe and insecure. this one group of many groups that terroristic in nature are losing on the battlefield. that's an interesting fact, but it is not the moment to el emphasize that.
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>> isn't this what the administration always does? benghazi, no, there is no terrorism there. >> i love the movie where the boxer is getting the crap beat out of him and he says i got him just where i want him. that's what i'm seeing here. it is a stupid statement. wasn't it a laundry deter -- detergent? >> remember they were chocolates. i don't think people remember them. >> lose weight with aids. >> it's true. >> when the medical emergency came out, i'm sure they were like, oh my god, we had to pick this. >> then they changed it to aeds chocolate bar. and then they said it is not working. >> it it was a cancer toffee. >> tyler, what do you think? is he trying to -- is he spinning? >> yeah, i mean he really
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didn't give us any new information and, i don't know, i feel like when he did get around to describing how they had them cornered which is weird to talk about, like the best thing that we could do would be to have john kerry go down there and just speak his mind. when they are asleep we can creep in and get the job done. >> it was tough getting through the entire show. we showed a short clip, but joanne they are just going to keep -- they have an election coming up. benghazi happened before any legislation. we -- before an election. should we keep spinning it? >> yes, and this reminded me of obama's jay-z comment which didn't go over well. voters want a president who will make national security like a big issue and someone that they feel confident in
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handling that. what kerry is saying is not wrong in the sense that the islamic state wants estate. they want land and they are not getting it and it is being pushed out. it is the radicalism that is spreading as we can see with the attacks all over the world. i think he was again trying to paw lit size -- politizize thisy -- politicize this event. >> don't you think it worked for obama? the idea that he will downplay -- he came into office and we will stop with the scare tactics and we will just relax. he is approached -- he has approached every terrorist attack in the same way. i think it has worked in someways, do you? >> no. right now we have a last ditch -- a dead cat bounce of approval ratings for barack
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obama because we were watching trump and clinton and anyone looks better than those two people, but he never got high marks with how he deals with terrorism. understandably so. they insist on politicizing the language. whether we call it islamic terrorism or not, it is the administration trying to use language in such a way that we don't want to give the bad guys a victory. yeah, okay, how about using the lapping wedge to describe -- the language to describe things accurately. you hear too much of language being manipulated in this way and they lose credibility and it loses the confidence of people who are supposed to be represented by these guys. >> this is what happened is they didn't want to have them going in uniform because it would offend people in libya. it is walking on egg shells for people overseas. but he doesn't seem concerned with the americans. am i right about this? >> if you want to at least make the american people feel
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secure, say it. say what it is. say what everybody knows it is. it is what we are all talking about. it is radical islam. today he was in ottawa talking about the president of mexico. >> straipg place to talk -- strange place to talk with him. >> and then out of no where for maybe two minutes he talked about turkey and he said, well, global warming. he went into that. >> we had it on fox news. he was boring the heck out of me. >> hillary clinton went to hollywood and met with the key players. the youtube stars. yes, hillary clinton showed off her hipness and ratitude. those are her words, not mine. she took questions from aaron rhodes and tilax, x two.
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i guess cutie pie was not available. clinton took shots at trump and told the crowd that connecting through social media is, quote, part of being a leader in today's world. and the whole thing ended the only way it could. >> but before you leave we want to know if you are okay with taking a group selfie. >> this could be better than the oscars. >> we have to send it to ellen and tell her look at what we've done here. >> here is a look at the historic moment itself. >> beautiful. matt, what is better than hillary clinton and a bunch of youtube stars? >> death.
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sweet, sweet death. the thing about this that drives me nuts is that who is the u.s. politician more than anybody else who tried to crackdown on video games? it is hillary clinton. >> she tried to crackdown? >> over and over and over again as senator and when she was running for senator. it was the columbine masacre. she and joe lieberman, they wanted to criminalize people who were marketing video games to people who might be under 17. >> yes, i do remember this. >> right? it starts to come to your brain. w40 is the person saying the mighty morphin power rangers were teaching to kick each other on the playground. she is the biggest new media cold out there and has been for 25 years. she can go in front of these people whose livelihoods she has jeopardized in front of the initiatives that were
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declared unconstitutional on free speech grounds by the supreme freaking court and she will get there and get applause because donald trump is a racist. it is a nightmare. the media never talks about it. >> it was beauty-con. this is a bunch of me's in the audience. >> are you telling me they don't know about the legislation? >> maybe not. many of them don't play video games. she is not necessarily with it on that front and it is what young people want and what their interests are. and i think a lot of these people in the audience would prefer trump. they are mini moguls. they are young entrepreneurs who are branding themselves. i feel like they would learn more good for her for doing this. i hear that afterwards she
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shot a live tutorial with the could i could i -- with the kylie jenner lip. >> this may work for her just hanging out with these kids. hillary wants to crackdown on uber. she is against a lot of technology in the name of protecting workers. >> i have never seen somebody who can pan for and -- pandor and there is not an ounce of guilt when she pandors to everybody. these are people she has no clue about. it is obvious she is only doing it to get millennial votes and young women who hate her to come on board. it just shows she is out of touch. pardon me when i hold the mic. it hurt a little bit. charlie bit my finger. what are you talking about? >> where is "star wars" boy's
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kid? is she try too hard? >> i think they know. and they don't care. it is because they painted trump as an intolerant and racist -- >> i think it is wonderful she would try to connect with a new generation through youtube stars. i think she needs do needs to connect with the written word. >> video stars, what will they do, interrupt the cooking session they are watching? by the way, hillary clinton, that's who you should vote for. >> how do you plug her in a normal, natural way? i see what you mean. >> it is weird. >> i applaud the efforts.
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>> it is the commenters in the fall. >> heads he wins and head he wins. that was the strategy of beating hillary clinton in the caucuses. before caucus day sanders' state campaign director instructed staff to buy double sided coin in the event of a tie. the joke would have been on cato since the ties are decided by cutting cards and not flipping coins. >> this seems out of character , but i believe it. >> i do too. he is old enough to remember the old episodes and he used a double-sided coin. >> it is an old gag.
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>> just keep going down the line. what is next, hopscotch? i don't even understand how the caucuses work. the fact that they still flip coins. >> i don't believe a word of this story. do you remember the bernie sanders stories of people throwing chairs at people? >> yes. >> also nevada. they were planting the crazy stories. it is nevada and we are expecting normal, rational politics in a democratic caucus to occur in nevada so maybe we have a higher expectation. >> what do you think, tyler? >> it is so late and everything and he is basically gone. i like it. that would
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be wonderful to say let's get a two-sided coin. >> president lincoln pulled fast ones to win the nomination. >> it is bad boy bernie. >> it is true. young women love the bad boy. >> do you think voters are that stupid? that we won't check the coin before the coin toss? everybody here i have a coin. look at this side. look at this side. see, it is a real coin. flip. >> she kept winning all of the coin tosses and they thought her camp was pulling
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shennanigans. >> maybe they let her side win and she said heads and they thought, oh no, double headed sign. >> one chooses the coin and the other calls it. it is still a 50/50 shot of what they choose. >> dumb plan. go with the cards. how can dudes perform better in school? that story when we return. the "red eye" pod cast is back. subscribe on itunes and news
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. a series of u.s. airstrikes targeting an isis convoy outside the iraqi city of fallujah. defense officials say the
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attack killed at least 250 isis fighters and destroyed some 40 vehicles. the u.s. airstrikes followed the airport bombings in istanbul, turkey that killed 402 people and injured more than 200 others. isis is expected in the attack. and word that the turkish security forces killed two suspected it isis fighters at the syria border. one of them was wanted on suspicion that they would carry out a suicide attack. donald trump has had a few rocky weeks on the campaign trail and it shows on the latest poll. the national poll released on wednesday night puts democrat hillary clinton six points ahead from the presumptive presidential nominee. party unity is a trouble spot for trump. only 74% of republicans back him over clinton. the poll isn't all good news for clinton with a record low of 30% of those polls saying she is honest and trustworthy.
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california firefighters are bath rig fast-moving -- are battling fast-moving wildfires. one fire has forced people from hundreds of their homes near sacramento. the fire that started on tuesday has grown to 650 acres and threatening more than 2400 homes, businesses and other structures. olympic champion swimmer michael phelps breaking another record. he is the first male to qualify for five olympics. after completing the butterfly , he qualified. pretty cool. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox >> when is it comes to college, men, my people, are falling behind. according to stats from national center of education, 62% of female students graduate in six years compared to just 56 of male students.
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what do men need to do to change this? apparently more groups with acro anymores. at -- with acro anymores. there is a group called dudes understanding diversity and ending stereo types or dudes. in dudes, male students can learn about diversity and social justice and how to abide by new title 9 regulations. sounds like every guy's fantasy. it doesn't end there. you can go on a two-day retreat in the landscape where they will discuss masculinity and learn about one another through interactive games. >> and then there is men achieving excellence or success. or males which seeks to look at their personal development and awareness. are you ready for the league of extraordinary gentlemen, lxg? it is for men interested in
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deacon instructing stereo -- stereo types of what it means to be a man. if you want to create one, he said be sure to focus on how toxic masculine tee can promote and normalize sexual violence. fun. >> wow. would you join a group called dudes? >> absolutely not. perhaps it is just because they are not taking it seriously. i am for them trying to do the fraternity thing without the alcoholism and the awesome party stories i agree with that coming from who ever's lips. i never noticed an absence in what it means to be masculine.
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you decide what traits you want to display. i am all for ember meant. if they want to decide let's not be drunken fraternity guys that make headlines. let's do something positive and help the community. that's great. >> don't you think -- anthony, the whole reason the colleges are losing guys is because of the dumb programs like this. >> stuff like this. they should probably all join stfu. you don't make dudes and guys like that first of all can it be the first thing of the whole thing? maybe it is in the military. i respect that. it is about just being a guy. i'm sure they adhere to every correct thing.
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yes, just be a guy. it is your frat house making the off colored jokes and going on the occasional pan tee raids, am i right? >> obviously there is a reason they are losing incentive. >> i went to college a longtime ago and i remember in my first month i used to talk about someone and they said whoa, i am in a different place. and thus began the retraining of young matt welch kind of stuff. and then a bunch of people including prominent, activist feminists went to central europe. what did the first thing the feminists do? and they think about the
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socialization. those guys were not in groups called dudes. it is always the crew go sloughs. >> got a lot of those in my past. >> the female retention rate is greater than the male retention rate. wouldn't you want to fell -- feminize men? women are doing better in school so put those traits on the guys. college all it is is -- did you see what they did to matt welch? i was against it until it said becoming your best self. that's sen it -- essentially a beauty pagent. there may booy booy -- there may be a male version and this may be it. >> he is the andy rooney of
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"red eye it is. "red eye." first, here is what is coming up on "kennedy." >> hello, "red eye" loonatics. come on over. i am the next "kennedy." i will lock horns. and he has written a children's book on donald trump. you'll love it. please join me.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. now to andy levey. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> should we talk about john kerry? >> john kerry. he said the istanbul bombing means isis is desperate. did you know that? >> yeah. >> just checking. you talked about the way kerry refers to dash instead of isis and isil. you said is it pronounced daesh? >> yes. >> it is not. it is pronounced like a gutterral sound that i can't make. >> it is not dash. >> dash is wrong. >> so i'm right. >> you said terror groups know we have have to get it right 24/7. this is a leap year.
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that's stuff our government should know. this is what the obama administration does. to me saying that they are desperate shows the obama administration is desperate. it is ridiculous and silly. >> i'm agreeing with you. >> he didn't give us any new information. >> it was actually new to me that bombing an airport is a sign of desperation. >> i need to have you on more often. >> this reminded you of the jv comment. you said voters don't like this. i think that's also true and i think it does backfire. when the justice department redacted the 9-1-1 transcripts they took out references to radical islam and they had to
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backtrack. >> we treat -- not we, but a lot of people treat ourselves like victims. they are handling us with kid includes. we can handle it. tell us what it is. where is the transparency. >> hillary wows, the digital influencers. >> you said the thing that draws you nuts is cracking down on video games. >> you're right. it is called the family entertainment protection act. her quote was we need to treat violent video games the same way we do alcohol, tobacco and pornography. >> it was based on a law pushed by arnold schwarzenegger. what is great is anyone who watches sports is he is busy selling the violent video games.
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>> if we are supposed to treat it like alcohol, tobacco and what? >> pornography. that means enjoy them. >> hillary clinton tried to and supported the outlawing of internet pornography. the administration in the 90s was god awful and there are no fines in it now. >> they were completely successful. >> she is also as bad as it gets when it comes to security statism versus privacy. >> think about when the san bernadino bombings happened. she said the same day, the same 24/hour period and we have to close down the intr net. she said basically the same thing. we have 20 get to youtube, facebook -- to get with youtube, facebook and twitter and they need to shutdown these on-line celebrations will. >> youtube did benghazi. we saw the benghazi report on
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september 11th and on the day it was happening when ambassador chris stevens was still missing and not known as dead. they had a meeting at the white house and five of the 10 items had to do with a youtube video p . >> anthony, you can t have never found anyone who could pander like she does. that's why she is a nominee and you are not. >> who is believing this? at least i know not to believe anything trump says. >> you will never be a youtube star. stick to vine. >> the whole sanders coin thing. can we stop calling it a double-sided coin? all coins are two sided. it means it has two sides. >> give it a name. >> double headed or double tails. >> duplicate sided. >> we know what a double-sided
12:37 am
coin means. >> it means a coin with two sides. >> this is not your dungeon and dragons game. you don't understand how these caucuses even work and we are flipping coins in 2016. apparently they are cutting cards and that's okay. in nevada that's how you want elections to be determined. >> at least i know i am losing i am going to lose regardless. >> you said you don't believe this story. >> i disagree. bernie sanders didn't do this. this was the nevada state chairwoman who by all accounts was not good at her job at all and not experienced. i suggested that they looked and said we are not doing that and that's as far as it went. >> that's possible. at some point it feels like this late in the game why are we reading about this now? seems weird.
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>> you asked if they thought the voters were that stupid they would use the coin without checking it. i always try to figure out why they thought they could get these coins and then i realize that it is nevada and there are a lot of magic shops. >> but againing voters in nevada would want to check these things and they are not losing out jievment might have been free booze. >> i would have been that stupid. >> college masculine tee programs. >> that completely span tape yous and awesome thing you did is fantastic. >> we like to fool around here. >> school administrators in higher education are on naspa. >> they september her the national association of student personnel. >> the whole thing is aeird and that's what it was supposed to -- >> tell us the last time that
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organization existed. >> 1953. >> it was the 50s. >> i do remember. >> you asked if your acronym can be the same word. >> a double-sided acronym. there is something called gnu, g-n-u. >> none of the popular acro anymores do it. you don't even know what you are talking about. >> i am done. >> coming up. what's wrong with this poster? for one thing it is not cool to follow the rules. i never have and i never will.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. word out of istanbul, turkey. police have conducted a series of raids targeting islamic state suspects this comes one day after the terror attack that left 42 people and hundreds more injured at the city's international airport. but it is not clear if the raids were directly linked to the attack. nor do we know if any arrests were made. the turkish news agency reports autopsies on three suicide bombers reveal they were not from turkey. we are also learning new details about the murder plot. the first blast was set off in a parking garage and during
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the panic the other two bombers slipped in the terminal where they took more innocent lives. so far no terror group claimed responsibility. they say the attack bears the hallmark of the islamic state's deprave tee. help is on the way to puerto rico. they are sending a rescue package to help the u.s. territory. and on friday the island owes a $2 billion debt payment to creditors. he will sign the bill. the senate passed it in a bipartisan vote. in the past decade puerto rico has accumulated $70 billion in debt. markets around the world are getting over the shock set off to lead the european union. now they are facing a new problem. there is a surge in hate
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crimes. they attribute it to the anti--immigration sediment that is fuelled by the referendum passage. foreigners are including acts of harassment. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox come on in. the water's fine foraysism. the american red cross has apologized for a pool safety poster that many found racist. the poster shows kids doing cool and not cool things like running around the edge of the pool and pushing people into the water and diving. the problem is it seemed like minority kids were doing more uncool stuff. the red cross removed the image and ordered all cools displaying it to take it down. they said we deeply apologize for any misunderstanding as it was absolutely not our intent
12:46 am
to offend anyone. let's talk about this poster. did you see, some of the black kids were doing uncool things. that's not allowed. >> apparently not. the one kid doing an uncool thing looked like fonzie. he was walking by with the soda bottle. >> that was the white kid. >> the only uncool cool kid -- >> but he is cool. you want to be the white kid. don't you? >> oh see they turned it around. oh, okay. >> i don't know i wouldn't worry about this that white people says we are the criminal in every alarm commercial. it is like it is the 1930s and there is a guy out front with a mask, see. >> it always is. >> if you only live by the commercials you would think guys like me and you are robbing houses the old-fashioned way. you are not taking me alive you lousy
12:47 am
screw. >> tyler, would you be upset if you saw this poster? >> no, i honestly i see a couple of white kids doing something wrong and there is a white guy running and you shouldn't, but if i think back to my childhood there was every race there and i can see a lot of the black kids doing what they are doing. the little girl pushing somebody is wrong for that and they would let her know it. >> that blue whale is effective. >> what is he doing? >> girls don't push at the pool. it is all boys. >> that's right. girls are lovely creatures. >> this poster is great. you want to know why? it did what it was supposed to do. it made people stop and read the poster. when you are at the pool no one looks at the safety stuff which is very important. everyone is looking at it. it is offensive and it gets the message across and people will be safer and they won't be diving or running or eating
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popsicles. >> in other public safety news, los angeles metro released a series of psa's to raise the awareness of the dangers of a train. >> it is a beautiful day in safetyville. and mike is taking his new car for a spin. mike thinks his car is fast enough to take the train. >> mike's joy riding days are over. never try to beat the train. >> oh dear. another? >> it's a beautiful day in safetyville and joan is catching up on her friend's post as she heads to school. joan, this time your phone obsession has crossed the line. joan's friends aren't going to like this picture. pay attention and always stay behind the yellow line.
12:49 am
>> i don't even want to talk about these. do we have another one? >> jimmy, you have been caught red handed. he won't be doing 360 connection -- kick flips. >> you are not supposed to ride near the train. you have ridden over people on your car and do they fall apart like that? >> sadly they didn't. it tells people what they already know is never, ever ride the subway in los angeles. why would you think about riding the subway in los angeles? i road the subway. it is for losers and you will hurt yourself. you go down escaloators that last 45 minutes. the trains come every 15 minutes and you will probably die. >> when you are on the west coast and you see people on a
12:50 am
bus and you are thinking who are those people? >> you can rent a mustang. what it showed me, the first one especially is i could have made that. that's all i got. i could have made that. hit the gas a little. if you are going to beat the train you have to commit at a certain point. >> how many hours of tv do americans watch every day? stay tuned to find out.
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coming up tomorrow, scott chaplain, charles cook and gavin mcginnis. >> americans are really starting to come around to tv. yes, according to a new report we spend four and a half hours per day watching television. if you add in dvr viewing, that number goes up to five hours. in your face other activities. watching on an actual tv set is down a bit, but if you add a tablet and smartphone and steal your neighbor's hbo pass word, tv viewer ship is up.
12:55 am
with all of the possible devices we watch six hours of television per day. that's like "red eye." >> there is one down fall to watching on devices though. >> uh oh. >> do you think this is leading to a more complaisant society? >> i never believe these stats about people actively watching television for six hours a day. i just have something on and you may glance at it. >> wait a second, you know your job, right? >> people should sit down to "red eye" and watch it. they shouldn't booy doing other things. >> can they tweet? >> they can. they should be sitting and son sen traiting. it is probably you. >> it probably svment what do
12:56 am
you mean the tv. all of them are on constantly. the six hours to me is like, i brought the average up i guess. people lie that say i don't watch tv. shut up. you do. you're right. it is not active viewing. last night for instance, i will turn on a documentary on cad -- cadelid id converters for the noise. and my cat likes. it it is on right now. i am not even home. my tv a 90-inch screen in my living room is on for the cat will. >> joanne, i think that is an excuse. anthony says i don't watch tv. >> i watch it for the cat. >> my reasoning is the cable plan cost a lot of money and i want my money's worth. i force myself. >> 10 seconds and what do you got, tyler.
12:57 am
>> i love television. keep it on. fall asleep to it. definitely one of those people. >> it is a sign of moral decay having the tv on all day. thank you to my panel. good night.
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this is a fox news alert. good evening. i'm bret baier. donald trump's numbers are slipping a bit following a campaign shakeup this month, as the gop presumptive nominee tries to redirect his campaign towards a win in november. the latest fox news poll and the first national poll completely post brexit vote shows that donald trump is six points behind hillary clinton in the head-to-head matchup. and after pulling ahead of clinton in may, his numbers have slipped seven points from 45% to 38%. when it comes to party unity, clinton does well with 83% of democrats saying they support her. nearly three quarters


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